Welcome at Artst-shirt.com

Are you a successful artist / label and you want to become a member of a fast groining merchandise network ?

You no longer want to stock expensive pre printed merchandise, are you tired of having the wrong sizes and colour on stock ?
Rushing to the post office and pay a lot of shipping cost.

We have a the perfect solution for you ! Print on demand, with printing facilities in Europe and the USA, meaning. fast delivery and low shipping cost !

How ?

Just mail us your art work, tell what you want ( tshirt, phone cover, caps etc) What category ( if you gerne is not there let us know)
Give us some info about your followers on what platform.
When we are convinced the your merchandise will be succesful, mock-ups will be made and we feature you on artist-shirt.com.
You’ll get regular reports and a fixed percentage on every sale.
We’ll help you to promote you’re merchandise on your network,

That’s where the customers are

You want more info: Info@artist-shirt.com.

Hope to speak soon !

have a look at our other website: i4studio.nl