Jurgen Winkel aka SONICrider “Experimental – Danceable Music & Video Art”

Jurgen Winkel is a producer/musician/artist & performer. He started as musician as a member of the band BLIND an underground electro-rock band during the late eighties and nineties. Blind toured several years in Europa and played on many festivals.

The red line of the existence of Jurgen Winkel is sound in the broadest sense of the word: he works as a (studio) sound engineer (@ SONICriderSTUDIO), FOH engineer and monitor engineer, he also makes music/sound for film/dance & theater.

By the name SONICrider, he started producing tracks. Jurgen Winkel currently combines electronic music and analogue sounds, producing experimental danceable music with all kinds of styles: during a performance the audience will be guided through a world of sound & vision.

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